Martijn Peters

About Martijn

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  • Name: Martijn Peters
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Birthday: April 25th
  • Instrument: Drums
  • Equipment: Mapex Orion Series drumset, Balbex drum sticks, Amedia Cymbals
  • Bands: Stream of Passion (current), Backwater (2006-2009), novAct (2001-2008) a.o.
  • Main influences: Progressive rock and old school (death) metal
  • Favorite bands: Pain of Salvation, The Butterfly Effect, Textures, MUSE, Whistler Courbois Whistler
  • Favorite musicians: Sean Reinert, Benny Greb, Gavin Harrison, Jusso Whistler, Daniel Adair, Mark Zonder
  • Favorite movies: Benny Greb - The language of drumming, Gavin Harrison - Rhythmic Horizons, Mike Portnoy - Liquid drum theater
  • Favorite food: Anything except blue cheese
  • Favorite drinks: Cold beer or Vifit
  • Dislikes: Dishonesty
  • Hobbies: "You can make me happy by letting me perform on stage (the more the better)"

How did Martijn get started in music?

"It all started when my older brother bought the Deep Purple album '24 Carat Purple' with Ian Paice on drums. As a result of this initial experience, playing the drums became my deepest passion".

Bands, projects and musicians Martijn played and/or recorded with:

Studied drums with:

  • Jusso Whistler (The Netherlands)
  • Dennis Leeflang (USA)
  • Pim van Ham (The Netherlands)
  • Yonga Sun (The Netherlands)


Other credits:

  • TAT Clinic/Workshop: Organizing and performing with Pim van Ham.
  • Hired as backline/drum tech for several bands and musicians, including Fates Warning at the Headway Festival 2005 in Amstelveen featuring Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater) and in 2006 working with Dennis Leeflang and Zoltan Csörsz (The Flower Kings).
  • Worked on a project featuring the well known bass player Jeroen Paul Thesseling [Pestilence, El Periquin, Obscura].
  • Collaborated with theatre group 'Enge Buren'.
  • Booker/promoter for several bands and festivals.
  • Designed cd booklets, album covers, sleeves, websites, logos, merchandise etc. for several bands and musicians (a.o. Stream of Passion, Furistic, Backwater, novAct, Hartenbrekers, Kunstminnen, Jeroen Thesseling, Sun Caged, Morgana-X, 3yearslaundry, Stentorian)